This page contains various legal statements pertaining to Anthony Bayer Inc. and its properties.

General License Statement

Anthony Bayer Inc. does not use any external assets that are not under an open source license or in the public domain, except for trademarks for free speech pourposes limited to text in the stories.


Banner images - the large images that correspond to a post - are all taken off of Unsplash. More information about the Unsplash license is here.

The character images are generated by Anthony Bayer Inc. and are licensed in the same way that the stories are.

Website Theme

This website ( uses many different open-source code items, including Bootstrap's grid css code, and GitHub's Jekyll.

Private Properties

Any private (not under another license) properties - including text, images, code, trademarks, or other media - that Anthony Bayer Inc. produce are under a custon Creatice Commons license. This license allows reproduction of any private properties for any non-comercial and non-profit use, as long as the reproduced properties are not marked as created by or belonging to another person or entity.


Our properties are licensed in such a way that they can reproduce them for any reason except for profit, and that they are not plagarized. You can download this website here.