2019 11 04: The Truth

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Anthony sat at the head of a dining table, Tyler sat to the left of Anthony on a long side of the table. Both of them seemed to be daydreaming but in actuality neither knew what to say.

"So, we're half brothers." Tyler said, and also maybe asked.

"Yeah." Anthony answered.

"So, which parent do we share?" Tyler asked.

"Father, Y gene is the same."

The boys sat in silence for a bit. Tyler drank some of his Riesling wine, which Anthony bought specifically for him. Anthony followed suit and drank some of his.

"You know," Tyler said, "The Insurance Company and therefore Melissa knew about this ever since we were born."

"Really?" Anthony rhetorically asked. "That's... Fucked up."

Tyler didn't know what to think. He looked out the wall-sized windows in front of him. Outside the windows was a deck that spanned half the width of the house. Tyler tried to temporally distract himself - looked at the tables and chairs spread out on the deck, facing out on a bright late-afternoon sun over the Pacific Ocean.

Tyler looked back at Anthony, who was reading some text on the report. "So," He started to ask, "now what?"

Anthony looked up at Tyler in a way that could only be described as: "passive-aggressively showing discontent for being interrupted". However, Anthony just wasn't paying attention and ended up just looking at Tyler for some reason.

In anticipation of some stupid joke or something, Tyler, mockingly, slowly leaned into Anthony, and at the same time slowly raised his eyebrows and turned his head. Anthony casually maintained eye contact with Tyler. Once Tyler had leaned in quite a bit, he stopped moving and looked at Anthony for a long second, then finally realized that Anthony just didn't hear him. Tyler returned to a normal sitting position. "Oh, um." he half-apologized, "Now what?"

Anthony thought about it, or didn't it was hard to tell, "I don't know. Just, think about it?" He suggested.

Tyler looked outside for no reason known to him, then turned back at Anthony. "Can I stay tonight?" Tyler asked.

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