2019 03 22: The Insurance Company

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I struggled, but there were two of them holding me. They searched my body. They took my gun, my phone, and my wallet and left it on the ground.

I was violently dragged into a running black SUV. One of the men sat on the driver's side of the back seat, and the other went up to the passenger seat. I knew how this was going. I wouldn't be allowed to leave, or they would shoot me. I calmly sat in the back passenger seat.

The driver drove off. The man sitting next to me had a handgun trained on me. I really didn't have time for this tonight. I had homework, and a date, and a whole ton of other things to do. I pretended to rest my head against my hand by putting my elbow the armrest of the seat, and pressed and held down my finger on the back of my right ear to activate my implant.

"Are you alive?" The man with the gun aimed at me asked, "You're like *really* quiet. People are usually more scared and yelly when we pull them into a car."

"I'm fine. I know how this goes." I responded to comfort him. Three very loud and quick tones sounded in my ears, then a smooth woman's voice played: "An SOS signal including your live location and vitals has been sent to our agents as well as your family. Press and hold both of your ear sensors for five seconds to cancel the SOS." Then there was silence, just the sound of the engine and the ambient noise. Then some classical music started playing, which promptly quieted down for the same voice, "Your safety is very important to us, please wait while one of our agents arrives at your location to help you." the music started up again. I turned the volume of my implant down my moving my finger from the top of the edge of my ear to the bottom.

"Who are you guys?" I asked. Trying to make small talk.

"Guys who are about to be 6 million richer, that's who" The driver boasted.

I continued, "So, where are you guys from?" I asked kindly. My implant played the same automated voice again.

"Are you asking that so you can try to exploit our humanity, or are you just asking because you might be her a while... and you want to make small talk?"

"To make small talk..." I responded.

"We're from Brooklyn. The northern part by queens. What about you?"

"Manhattan. Midtown specifically."

We were driving through times square on 46th street, heading to the east side of the island, perfect for a hand off. I looked out the window at the colorful bright lights canvassing the skyscrapers. Hundreds of people, even past midnight, were going about their business around the square.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked

"You'll know when you get there."

These guys knew what they were doing, sort of. They routed me thought the most populated areas of the city; more eyes and no chances to do something without raising questions. The music and the repeated automated voice were getting annoying. I had only been in here for five minutes, but it was just the only thing going on, so my brain just automatically listened to it.

We turned south at 3rd avenue. and continued down 36th street, and then took the 495 tunnel into Queens. I started to get nervous. I trusted the emergency services, but it didn't seem like it was really doing anything. The driver continued down the highway and turned down the 278 South, headed to Brooklyn. An exit, and a few turns led us down a city street with a ton of traffic on it.

We got stopped at a stoplight. Then, simultaneously, all of the cars around us parked, and the passengers and drivers got out. There were about twelve of them. The kidnappers were too confused and probably freaked out to do anything. The people were coordinated, they broke the windows of the car, and ripped the guys out of their seats, and held them to the ground. I opened my door and stepped out. My mother was waiting for me, relieved to see me okay.

"Hi mom." I said nonchalantly. She came up to me and hugged me. "I was so worried. I'm so glad you're okay."

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