2019 02 22: The Day Of

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I was nervous, even though I wasn't the one who had done something wrong. My heart raced along with my and my parents' feet.

The halls were empty. They were lit the same amount as every day, but it seemed brighter since it was night.

The doors became closer together, then a bit farther towards the end of the hallway. My dad didn't slow down when he opened a door. The door to Ms. Northington's office. My mom and I followed in. Ms Northington looked up at us and said, "Yeah, sure... come in."

"You seem to be busy, so I'll make this short." He took out his phone and pulled up a photo, "Do you see this?" He held the photo in front of her.

She barely even moved. She just sat there with a straight face. "He pointed to part of the photo, "That's you... which you already know, there's no reason for me to say that, but you get the point."

She kept here straight face, "What do you want?" She asked in a semi-monotone voice.

"Nothing yet, but let me get this clear: we own you. If you ever fail to follow our instructions, this photo will be released in a very public matter. Do you understand?"

She kept her sight on my dad, "Yes" she said, in an increasingly stern voice.

"Good." He amused, "Have fun sleeping tonight."

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