2019 12 19: Server Farm

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Anthony paused quickly to look up at Josh. Josh looked down and to the left at him, confused why Anthony looked up at him.

Both Josh and Anthony were in full tactical gear, Josh was leaning against the end of a row of server racks, holding an obnoxiously big gun, Anthony was leaning against the cage of a server rack, which was in an adjoining row. Anthony continued to type on an a bullet-proof, yet thin, laptop. A fiber-optic cable was plugged into the right side of the laptop.

Josh's watched tapped him. "Two minutes." Josh quietly announced how long the two had been there.

The servers around them were efficiently processing away at stock information from the New York Stock Exchange just a few blocks away. But not for long.

"Almost done." Anthony said, as he sped up his typed. Josh's watch tapped him again. "Two minutes and fifteen seconds." he said.

"Done!" Anthony said. as he shut the laptop, and unplugged the cable. Anthony left the cable on the ground, and the server rack that it came from unlocked, as he and Josh ran off.

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