2018 12 24: San Fransisco

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"Are you enjoying your, whatever that is?" Josh asked, motioning towards my drink.

"Yeah." I answered. I continued to look out the window at San Fransisco, and the Golden Gate Bridge. The sunset creaed a colorful exposure effect that could not be described with words.

"What is that?" Josh asked.

"Oh, it's rum with root beer instead of cola."

"Why root beer?"

"It's a bit sweeter and more wintery. Cola's just... The flavor overpoweres the sweetness. What are you drinking?"

"Just cola. I don't drink a lot."

"Ah." I sounded.

I looked at single houses. Sometimes they were similar to the ones around it, but not quite the same; a different color, or a different detail, or something.

"You've been thinking about him again, haven't you?"

I slowly exhaled.


"Do you wanna talk about it?"

"Not really..."

"Well, it's Christmas eve. Take your time, then enjoy the present a bit.

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