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The elevator opened its doors to a modern looking office lobby with a few couches around the edges and a single round desk with a receptionist typing away at three computer monitors that followed the curve of the desk, poking a few inches above. We walked up to the receptionist who looked up at us and smiled, "Welcome to Williams and Rogers investments, how can I help you?" she said in a cheery full voice.

"I'm here for the 4:00 with Mr. Rogers." Ms. Garrison said. The receptionist looked down at her computer. After a few words typed and a few clicks she looked back up at Ms. Garrison with a smile and said, "He'll be ready to see you on time, please wait in the conference room towards the south east of the office."

We smiled as a silent, "thank you" and headed to where we were directed. We walked past a few dozen workers all busily typing away at their computers, or talking to someone on the phone. Some were up at other peoples' desks or walking around the office to get copies or coffee or something. We arrived at a fogged glass wall, with a singular door, also made of fogged glass. I held the door open for Ms. Garrison, and followed her through. There was a large pill-shaped table in the center that had ten seats around it, and had a tray of croissants, scones, and assorted baked goods; as well as a pitcher of water.

I walked over to the east facing window and looked at the street below. Cars drove along the road. A train went by down the center of the road. I looked back up and focused on my reflection. I was wearing black denim pants, a brown thick wool coat with a generous overlap in the center and semi-large buttons, and a navy blue scarf that hid most of my neck. I looked over to see Ms. Garrison on her phone eating a cookie. "You've certainty gotten yourself settled in." I jeered. "She looked up at me and smiled a bit at my cliche humor.

"Hey do you hear that?" I asked. She stopped chewing for a second to listen. "Hear what?" Ms. Garrison responded with her mouth full. "Exactly, its quiet out there. Something's not right." I said, as I got out my .9mm from the inside of my jacket. I turned off the safety. Ms. Garrison stood up and pulled a hand cannon from the back of her waist. She positioned herself on the right side of the door, I went on the left. We both checked if the other was both to make sure ready to go.

We nodded at each other and then Ms. Garrison did the only logical thing: she pointed her gun at the frosted glass wall, and shot at it, the shock wave completely shattering the entire thing. I quickly turned, ready to shoot at any threat. The entire office was empty, abandoned. There were two entrances, one to my left, which was up against the conference rooms and private offices at the south side, and one at the north where we came in. I focoused on the entrance closest to me.

I heard two deafening shots from Ms. Garrison, just before three men came into my view, getting their weapons ready. I aimed at the leftmost one, and shot, then the middle, than the right. I hit all three, square in the head. I moved forward down the hallway. Two more loud shots behind me. I got to the corner where the hallway led back to the reception area of the office. "All clear!" Ms. Garrison shouted, who already made it to the reception area before me. "Jesus fucking Christ that thing is loud." I said, talking about her hand cannon. "She inspected it. It was a bohemath of a gun that was made of polished silvery metal. "Yeah, there's no silencer in it like yours. - but It's powerful as fuck, so I like it."

"You should probably call Tyler to warn him. He might be in trouble." I said. This was definitely an attempt at taking over the Garrisons, but for it to succeed they would have to take everyone out. Ms. Garrison visually agreed with me, and then got out her phone. She pressed a few things on the screen, then held it up to her ear. After a few seconds of waiting for him to answer, he picked up the phone. "Hi honey, there wa-" She held the phone away from her face. The sound of multiple automatic rifles came through the phone. Ms. Garrison had the face that said, "Oh god, not this shit again." Tyler shouted through the phone, "Sorry, Mom. I'm kinda busy right now!" Followed by several manly screams. Ms. Garrison hung up and put her phone back into her jacket pocket. "He'll be fine. This happens often." She turned her hand cannon's safety off. "Come on," she said walking towards the elevator, "I need a drink."

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