2019 07 01: Olivia Jiu Hutton

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My reflection stared back at me. I was wearing tight almost-blue black pants, canvass shoes that were colored the same way, a yellow, with a gray plaid pattern, button up shirt, a dark-gray wool jacket with two columns of large buttons, and a gray tie with a trinity knot.

The bathroom I was standing in was quite large, yet seemed to use every inch of its space without yield, making it ultimately seem like the normal size for a bathroom with just a toilet and a sink. I leaned hard against the marble sink sitting on top of a wooden counter. I looked at myself, into myself, at what I was. Then I snapped back into reality.

I stood up, and left the bathroom and walked out into the yard. There there were about a hundred and fifty well-dressed people of various races and ages celebrating.

What were they celebrating? My cousin got married, to her husband

I walked over to the bar and ordered a glass of "whatever red wine is most convenient". Olivia walked up to me and leaned against the bar. She was wearing a semi-loose but well fit thick white dress that went over only her right shoulder. Her hair was wrapped around to rest on the front of her left shoulder.

"I hear you brought a friend" She said, talking about Ben, also passively pushing me to say more.

"Yeah," I said, but I didn't know what to say further.

Olivia elaborated, "Is he anything more?" Egging me on more. "... There's benefits." I said.

Olivia laughed a cheerfulish laugh, "Nice" She smiled.

"Anything for you?" the bartender asked pouring my wine. "Oh," She realized that she was standing at the bar, "No, thanks." He handed me my glass of wine, and I took a sip. It was very sweet for a wine, and had some sort of citrus in it.

Olivia looked like she was about to leave. "Well, Anthony. I hope you have fun." She said before leaving to socialize.

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