2019 08 06: Nudity

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I closed my laptop lid, and leaned back in my chair. Tyler did the same after me. "Wow," Tyler said, releasing tensed up energy, "I did not realize how stressful that is." He took off his glasses and set them on his laptop.

"But it's fun when you finish isn't it?" I asked.

"Oh yeah. Thanks for teaching me that."

"You're welcome." I said, I rested my eyes by looking down the mountain at LA.

Tyler stood up and stretched, and looked around the backyard of his house. "Wanna go swimming?" Tyler asked, pointing to the medium-sized pool behind me. I looked back at my closed laptop with the aluminum USB drive sticking out the side, and thought if I needed to do more practice or work. "I stood up, looked at him, and said, "Yeah, but I don't have a bathing suit."

"Oh, that's fine," Tyler said, as he unbuttoned his yellow shirt with a gray grid pattern, "just go naked, I am too."

"You-" I stumbled, "You are?"

"Yeah. We've seen each-other naked plenty of times before. And I won't do it if you don't want me too." He assured. He stopped undressing after he unbuttoned his shirt.

"No, it's fine," I said, starting to strip down myself.

Tyler continued to take off his clothes. I took off my light gray button up, my shirt, then my shoes and socks, then my pants and my underwear. I looked up. Tyler was fully naked placing his clothes on his chair. I bent down, grabbed mine, and placed them on my chair. We looked up at each other. For a split second when he wasn't looking, I admired his beauty. The sun shined on the right half of his body, behind him, the LA skyline. He had some muscles, but not enough for a six pack. He had a defined V which led down to a limp, wide penis about four inches in length, massive for the size of his body. "You ready?" he asked me, looking into my eyes and smiling a bit. "Yeah." I said, smiling back at him.

I turned around, ran towards the pool and dove in. I heard Tyler dive in shortly after. The water was cool, it was a perfect temperature to cool down after a hot August day in LA. The water flowed around my naked body, reaching around my genitals through my crotch, and against the curve of my back. I came up near the other side of the pool, Tyler was all the way on the other side doing something with his hair. I swam over to him and held onto the thick glass panel. "This feels amazing." I told him, referring to skinny dipping. "Oh yeah, I do this like, every other time I come here, which is like three times a week."

"How much was this house?" I asked, looking away from him at it.

"3.8 million." Tyler told me, almost proud of it.

"Wow, how do you afford that?"

"I mortgage it. I paid half up front, so my mortgage is almost twelve thousand a month, which is... still a lot."

"It's a nice house. It's kinda, like, small but still sizable."


"So..." I started to ask, "What do you want to do?"

Tyler looked off in the distance for a second or two to then looked back into my eyes, "Wanna play with a volleyball?" He smiled a bit with his mouth slightly open.

"Yeah sure," I responded in a happy tone. Tyler pushed off the wall, and glided to the other side of the pool underwater. He pushed himself up and kind of rolled out of the pool and stood up in the same motion. He walked over to a wooden crate near the pool, opened it, and got out a volleyball. He turned toward me, threw the ball up and hit it really fast toward me. I was not expecting this, and flinched backwards right before the ball bounced off of my face. I blinked a few times to understand what had happened. Tyler was still standing outside the pool laughing. I laughed with him. Tyler jumped in the pool.

He grabbed the volleyball and served it to me. I pushed myself up out of the water a bit to set the ball back to him.

We volleyed back and forth for about fifteen minutes. There weren't any rules or points or anything - just hitting the ball back and forth.

Eventually, Tyler purposefully let the ball hit the water and caught his breath. I took the opportunity to catch mine.

Tyler swam back over to the longer glass edge of the pool, and leaned foreword on it. I swam over a few feet next to him, and leaned forwarded almost the same way he was.

We stared out at the overly-warm sunset for some long seconds.

"...Do you like me?" Tyler asked.

I prepared to answer.

"Yeah... Do you?"


We listened to each-other's slow breathing.

"Is it wrong?" He asked.

I paused again. The ambient sounds soaked into my body.

"Honestly... At this point, I don't know."

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