2020 03 04: Myself

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Jessica, Kyle, Samantha, and I sat at a table meant for six people - there were two seats empty.

"There's a game tonight." Kyle said; not informing anyone: Jessica, Kyle and I were all on the basketball team, and Samantha is a cheerleader.

"What about it?" Samantha asked, after she swallowed what food was in her mouth.

"Nothing," Kyle answered, "We just weren't talking so I thought we'd say something."

Samantha responded: "Oh."

The four of us continued our eating with the mildly-loud sound of people talking around us. "Yeah why are we quiet, we're never this quiet." I commented.

Everyone acknowledged what I said and continued eating.

"I have a date" Samantha said.

"Ooooh" Jessica said.

"She'll be at the game tonight." Samantha added. "We're gonna go to dinner before."

We kept eating.

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