2018 09 20: Los Angeles

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I sped up to the speed of traffic, and started to get over into the left lane; I had been driving for almost two hours now, it was getting late.

I sped up even more, the electric engine made little sound, but the bass of the music resonated though my body.

I looked left at the city, "Hundreds of thousands of people, many of which I will never met or even see." I thought. "He could be there, or in any of the other hundreds of square miles of LA, or any one of the two hundred million square miles of earth. Or dead."

"Anthony, I know you didn't mean to do what you did, but I still want you to understand it. You fucked up, badly. Our parents are at war with one another, for control of the city, and you just informed my racist, homophobic parents and yours who absolutely despise mine that we like each other."

The bass enveloped me.

I tried not to think about it.

I hit 70 miles an hour.

But I couldn't, my brain forced me to. The music resonated through my body, and the whole car.

Eighty miles an hour.

I turned it up even louder. I felt out of control, my entire life wasn't determined by me, it was determined by random variables, complete chance.


"I may not see you again after today; but please, for your own safety, don't try to come for me, and do not ever get in my way."

One hundred.

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