2019 12 08: Late Night Dream

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Tyler's eyes reflected the bright images from the mid-sized TV twenty feet in front of him. His eyes quickly darted across random angles looking at different parts of the screen. The noise from the TV was muffled.

The camera moved back to reveal Tyler's greater face and neck.

Tyler laughed for a quick couple seconds. His laugh could be best described as childish, and deep-pitched.

The camera moved back more to reveal Tyler's surroundings - he was sitting on the right two-thirds of Anthony's lap.

The light from the TV lit up the excessive wood furniture and flooring in both the equally small living room and kitchen behind the two.

The couch they were sitting on was four-person wide and the only one in the room. Anthony's hands were fermly on Tyler's body. the right hand on Tyler's right thigh, the left holding Tyler's body close.

The two laughed again. Anthony's laugh had a lower frequency than Tyler's.

The camera kept moving out. The light from the TV reflected on the large window next to the door on the left.

Tyler laughed again, then Anthony partly from the joke from the TV, and because of the pressure from Tyler.

The bright lights from the TV and the muffled sound kept the room occupied.

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