2020 07 15: Last Train

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I laid staring at the ceiling on top of my fully made bed. The previous track had just stopped, and I anticipated the start of the next one. A sweet, unique yet recognizable synthwave melody faded in, and then the beat started.

I was near completely immersed with the music playing directly in my ear - the music sounded like it surrounded my head in a 3 foot radius sphere - which is a pourposefull design of the implants, and it was perfect.

Music was my saving grace. I did manage to get in New York with Josh for the summer, but otherwise I was cut off from anyone else usually in my life.

A man with a very sweet voice started singing. The song was surprisingly romatic. The mellow but more importantly soft tones soaked into my body. The whole point of synthwave is nostalgia, and I was hit with tons of it. I missed when things were normal.

I missed Tyler. I missed looking at cute boys in real life.

I missed being with my friends.

The song played further. I can't name it or point to anything at all, specfic or nonspecific, but the song just perfectly instilled a sad, nostalgic, and uniquely romatic feel in my body. The whole album had transported me to a nostalgic story of a high-school lover boy in the 80s.

I havent seen my friends in months.

When will this end.

I started to cry.

I knew this was the last song.

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