2020 03 11: Imagination

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I stretched a little bit before I got started, and then stalled myself for some reason. The only light was the little bit left from the setting sun which came in through my window.

I was always cold naked - and it was almost night and winter, so i was almost freezing; but, for now, I liked the feeling. I reflected on myself for a bit, if I was really going to do this, why I was even considering it, but I conceded, and got down on my knees on the hardwood floor.

Close in front of me was a dildo that I had placed there a minute prior, and bought and hour prior.

I grabbed a small bottle of lube on my bed with my left hand, and drizzled some into my right hand. I slathered plenty that was in my right hand onto the dildo, and then used the rest to jack myself off slightly to get myself started - I had to resist the urge to finish myself that way. I shuffled forward on my legs, and then sat back as I grabbed the base of the dildo to try and stabilize me - it didn't work - I ended up falling on my side.

I carefully moved back to where I was before, moving in slight amounts. I started to sit back, and then the dildo pushed into me. I kept going as slowly as I could.

It felt so weird, and almost painful. I kept lowering myself down. My legs shook slightly with how hard it was to hover off the ground like I was.

I went down all the way. It still felt so weird. I pulled myself back up to where about an inch and a half was still in me. I paused for a fraction of a second, and then continued.

Slowly, I went up and down. I did not go down all the way, but I had to keep myself from going too far up and having to go through the whole process of getting the dildo back in me. I didn't feel any pain anymore since I had adjusted myself. I sped up. Pleasure started to flood into my pelvic area, and then up my chest.

I sped up. The feeling still felt weird, but I was more focused on the pleasure. My heart rate and breathing increased.

It felt so weird to like this, not that it was wrong, but that it was unnatural, if that makes sense.

But then my imagination kicked in. I looked down at Anthony, who was naked, lying back taking in my performance with his dick. I remember thinking that if Anthony was real, my knees would have been inside his chest.

I was completely unfocused on my surroundings, and was only focused on my imaginary Anthony and how fucking tired my legs were.

I wanted so badly to finish myself off, so I again used my right hand to jack myself off, and eventually reached my climax ten or so seconds after.

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