2019 08 23: Hong Kong

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I would miss this flat, I've lived here for two years now.

Out of boredom I picked up my handgun and started to swing it around my left index finger from the trigger guard, my right hand was already occupied with a glass of wine.

I looked down at the streets below from a window that was the full height of the room. Tens of thousands of people marching Police firing copious amounts of tear gas. The Chinese military right outside waiting for an excuse to invade.

I gently set my glass of wine down on a small table to the left of me.

It's amazing how smart a group can be. Protesters use lasers to disrupt cameras, use cones and water to put out tear gas, steal and break apart bricks to throw.

I kept swinging my gun around my finger. It's weight pulled on me, it was hard to not drop.

I wish I could stay just to look at the beauty of how people can stand up to one of the most powerful governments in the world; but I couldn't.

The Insurance Company ordered for "any and all relations with and business in China to cease on the start of August 24 GMT". Everything in my flat has already been moved out days ago.

I wish I could stay and help, I wish I could use my power to do something, use my money do do something.

The protesters' voice was loud enough for me to barely hear.

The Amazon is on fire and Brazil's president wants it to stay that way. The United States is run by a complete fuck fest of human rights violations. China is becoming more and more powerful. Russia has half of everyone in the West brainwashed.

Genocide and climate change and racism and sexism and poverty and all just for money.

I stared blankly out the window as I kept slowly swinging my gun around my finger.

Out of anger, I quickly tuned the safety off, cocked my gun, and slammed it down on the table. The sound very lightly echoed around the walls.

I picked up my glass of wine and drank all of what was in it.

I need something stronger.

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