2018 10 27: Homecoming

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I set the four drinks down at the table, and sat down in the seat my friends saved for me. Everyone grabbed one and drank it a little. "Fruit punch." Samantha said, "Why is the only time I ever have fruit punch is by surprise at a party?"

"I.. What?" Kyle asked. "Why is the only time I ever have fuit pun-" Samantha got cut off. "No, I heard you," Kyle responded, "But it just seems kinda weird. You've never had fruit punch outside of a party?"

"Have you?"

Kyle shook his head, "But always by surprise?"

"Yeah, I think I've only had it about four other times I can remember: my fifth birthday party, my brothers eleventh, my great-grandma's funeral, and my uncle's wedding."

The silence that followed was so quiet it drowned out the music.

"You have a very interesting family." I commented.

"I do." She responded.

Jessica finished her drink and went to dance, Kyle followed. I started to talk to Samantha. "Did you like the sushi?" I asked. "Actually, it was really good. The first time I had sushi I was six and I got food poisoning so I never ate it again, until tonight."

"What was your favorite thing?"

"Probably the Caterpillar roll - I love avocado."

"Mine is just the straight up fish, especially salmon."

We took another sip of our fruit punch.

"I see Ben decided to go with a girl."

"Unfortunately, I don't know why - prior commitment, fear of being seen in public…"

"I don't know; just don't tell her, or anyone, that you two… you know… whatever you want to call it."

We drank again.

"Is he cute?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'd rate him a seven."

"Really, I'd do nine, minimum."

"Seriously? Well, different people have different tastes."

"Aren't those pants hot on him though?"

"Fuck yeah, look at his ass."

"I already am."

"Oh man, it makes me want to turn straight again."

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