2019 06 12: High School

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Ms. Northington walked through the door that was just violently swung into the bathroom. Four girls leaned against the wall in a corner. One was texting on her phone, and another, Beverly, quickly hid something behind her back.

"Hey..? Ms. Northington..." She said. All the girls except the one texting looked at her with a scared and confused look.

Ms. Northinton walked up to Beverly and put her hand out. "Give it to me." Ms. Northington demanded. She reluctantly gave Ms. Northington a blunt. "Wait," Ms. Northington started, "I thought you guys were vaping. Why are you guys smoking weed? It's eleven thirty."

There was a very brief awkward silence.

"Ah whatever." Ms. Northington smoked the blunt a bit and handed it back to Beverly. "That's good, where'd you get that?"

"I'm not telling you." Beverly talked back.

"Oh, right. I'm the principal." She said. The girls minus the one texting looked at her. "It's been a long day."

"It's like... eleven thirty." The girl who was texting pointed out. "I KNOW!" Ms. Northington laugh-yell-cried.

There was another way longer and more awkward moment of awkward silence.

"Okay," Beverly started, "Excuse my language, but, what the fuck do you want?"

"Information. You're friends with Tyler, right?"


"Do you know who Anthony is?"

"There's like nine "Anthony"s in the school.."

"Anthony Bayer, from the basketball team."


"Have you seen them together?"

Beverly thought about it. The incessant noise of the fake keyboard sounds were starting to annoy Ms. Northington. "Why would I tell you that?" She asked.

"Because underage consumption of legal drugs is punishable with up to 2 weeks of suspension and 1 extra week of detention."

Another moment of awkward silence.

"I saw them together once after one of the games I went to with him. He went to the bathroom during halftime ended and then I saw them talking when I went to the bathroom myself."

"Okay." Ms. Northington finished, "Thanks."

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