2020 01 22: Goodbye

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Anthony looked at me. "Hello. He said.

"Hello." I said back.

Anthony seemed confused, "Yeah sorry, I didn't really know how else to start this." I said.

Anthony seemed more confused, "Wha-

"I should probably introduce myself. I'm the writer, and creator of this world."

Normally Anthony would disregard me as a crazy person, then politely kill the conversation and move on - but not now - because I made him stay. "Sorry, what?" he said.

"Don't worry about it." I commanded. "Okay." he followed, but not before he took a sip of his tequila and watermelon juice.

"I would like to just say a few short words." I said.

"Okay." Anthony said, confused why I had to specify.

"So, Anthony; in short you're me, kind of." I said. He listened closely.

"I created you as a way, actually more like a place, for me to hash out my emotions in my life. The first, and only other time I have spoken as myself in these stories, I made it seem like the whole thing was started just to talk with Tim, but I actually made you way before that.

"I had an idea of you well before I met Tim. You're basically my alter ego; and I'm surprised to say that I'm jealous of you,"

Anthony kept listening. He drank his drink more.

"...and that's unhealthy." I continued. Anthony looked directly into my eyes.

"I feel like I'm trying to be you, and in doing so I'm adopting your individual problems."

"Tyler is the central focus of these stories, both Kyle Hosch and Ben Kempsity are the exact same person as Tyler - just different timelines." I forgot where I was going; I hesitated; this was not a problem for anyone but myself, "I recently reread all of my stories, and I realized just how much I can't let Tyler go - and I need to.

"When you loose someone unexpectedly, you don't actually know how you're going to react to it. Your body has no time to prepare. I reacted by creating another version of Tyler." I stopped talking I stared forward at the skyline for a hot second. "Tyler is still going to be a character in these stories - I just need to write it out - because again: these stories honestly help me. And I want to continue it... I just need to step into reality for a little bit."

I stopped talking, and just looked at Anthony.

I laughed.

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