2020 06 03: First Grade

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Whenever my grade school did spirit week, there was always a pajama day, every time.

I don't remember what time of year it was, thanks to LA's very smooth weather, but I remember one pajama day where my class was standing in line to go outside, and I was in line next to my best friend at the time: Samantha.

I completely forget who was in front of me, or why we were talking to him, but I do remember that he was wearing green full-body pajamas with maybe cars or dinosaurs on them. At some point in the conversation he told us that he wasn't wearing any underwear or anything under his pajamas. Both Samantha and I predictably said "ewwww"; but we didn't stop talking to him after that.

This is the earliest memory I can tie to my sexuality. I took a large (for my age and development) interest in the fact that he was wearing underwear.

And I just remembered it.

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