2020 09 03: Drunk

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I sat down at the terminal, and logged into my computer back at my other house. As soon as I hit enter my desktop appeard on the screen, with the programs I had open when I last used my computer still there. I dragged Firefox from the left monitor to the middle one, pressed F11 to make it fullscreen, and typed in "" in a new tab, the IP address to this house's security system. Instantly after I hit enter an interface appeared in the window. The interface had two sections: a 4 wide grid of security camera feeds which scrolled to show all 84 cameras, and a sidebar on the right with different settings, tabs, and options.

Towards the middle of the top of the sidebar was a drop-down menu labled "Event Monitor". I clicked the drop-down menu, and then selected "party"; instantly all of the floors and doorways in the house [visible to the security cameras] became tinted either bright red or bright green. Green meant access to anyone allowed into the house, and red meant other clearance or private. All of the floors visible in any of the security cameras were green, but nearly all of the doors were red. The security system monitored both movements of every person on the property, and the behavior of the person; I would be notified if someone was trying to enter, or entered, a restricted area, or was just being unruly.

I double clicked to open a camera in the kitchen. Samantha was getting some food ready with Kyle. The green floor was slightly out of place below them, since it didn't affect any light, but it was still not very noticable because the security system was smart enough to not color over people. Both Kyle and Samantha had a blue circle hovering above their heads to mark that they were whitelisted for entry into certain rooms. I tapped "Q" on the keyboard for about a half second. the view rotated around Kyle and Samantha. There was no reason for me doing this I just really liked how I can view things in 3D. A transcription of what they were saying also appeared on the bottom of the video:

Samantha: So both you and Anthony are point guards

Kyle: Yes we work well together except we can't really work together.

Samantha: Laughter

Kyle: Laughter

I exited out of the security system's webpage and clicked on the icons on the top right of the Gnome dash on the top of the screen. I clicked on "Power off/Log out" in the menu that appeared, and clicked "detach session". My screen immidiately faded out to the login screen. I stood up, moved left, and then pushed the chair into the desk. I walked out of the office, and closed the door behind me, which automatically deadbolted itself. I walked down the hall and into the side door to the kitchen where Kyle and Samantha were talking.

"Hey." I announced. They both greeted me back. "The security system is running properly." I said. "Great," Kyle said, "It's around 7:30 so the early people should start showing up soon."

All three of us stood in silence for a bit, and thought about what to do. We realised that there was something else to do, but still felt like we had prepared everything. "Music!" Samantha exclaimed as she hit the table in a mix of excitement that she found something and frustration it took that long. "I already took care of that." I said. "Unless either of you want to play something different." Both Kyle and Samantha shook their heads.

"Do you want a cake?" I asked Kyle. "No not really." Kyle said. "I'm not a fan of birthday parties; well I..." Kyle stumbled on his thoughtsm "I like birthday parties but that's not what I want this night to be. I want a smaller party tomorrow with just you guys and some other friends." Kyle said. He looked up at us and thought he was asking too much, "Well if you..." Kyle stopped talking and just smiled at me and Samantha, we got what he was trying to say. He just wanted to have fun, near blackout drunk, and high - and he deserved that.

"Thanks for this." Kyle said, "Both of you."

"You're welcome." I said. "No problem." Samantha said as she got out her phone to kill time.

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