2018 06 16: Digital Self

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I feel like I have spent way too much and way too little time on my alias.

I just never get around to actually doing anything. It's not that it takes too much time for me to write something and publish it, besides the millions of years it takes for TOR to start up. I kind of just forget. I think of things to write about in the middle of the day, but I'm either in class, masturbating, or simply don't have enough time to write.

This alias started without the intent of writing, it was just meant for me to talk to Tim, a gay furry I met on a dark web version of Omegle. Eventually, I wrote things about my life, not unlike a journal, but just about what should be an unimportant part of my life.

Then I created an account for my alias on this website called Medium. I had messed around with the site a few months prior, read a few things. I took a few of those text files I made and transcribed them into something that would make sense to other people. I made sure that I changed the language, syntax, names, and details of everything so that I could not be found.

I took solace in my writing. I never was good at talking; but when I had the time to write, I could compose my thoughts, I could see what I was thinking.

Anyone who knows who I actually am knows that I am a very private person. Putting my thoughts public on the Internet gives me a way to counteract that. I feel like it would somehow stop me from not knowing what was going on with me.

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