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Anthony sat at his seat, typing away at his laptop. Command after command, he configured server after server to work with the new fiberoptics newly laid across the world. The monospace text flew by his face, he looked at almost none of it, he had memorized most of the commands and what they would do - the output was mainly just for confirmation if he for some reason wasn't sure what he did. He was about halfway through. The undersea and more long-distance cables were configured, the encryption keys were set up, and the virtual networks that were used previously were closed.

He moved back from the edge of his seat and slumped in his chair. It the sun was almost done setting, and staring at a half terminal half graphical interface for three hours was starting to take its toll. The last command he ran finished, and his laptop patiently waited for the next one.

He sat back up, and started to son a bit. He almost felt stupid that his sadness was out of nowhere. He moved his chair over to the left and back a bit. He reached to type on his laptop, but without typing on it.

Tyler felt Anthony's presence behind him, he enjoyed the feeling. Anthony started to type commands on Tyler's laptop, showing him the basics of BASH. Anthony moved his left arm from the keyboard to hold Tyler's torso closer to him, his hand rested on the right side of his right breast. Tyler moved his head to his right, and tilted it down a bit. Anthony kissed him on his neck, more than a few times.

Tyler laughed, Tyler smiled. He grabbed Anthony's arm with his hands, ejoying every bit. He stopped laughing, and started to sort-of laugh-cry. Anthony wasn't there, he was dead.

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