2020 09 24: Beverly

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Kyle felt ashamed, the type of shame that made Kyle feel ashamed for feeling that way. Beverly pressured Kyle more, "Kyle," she said in the most upfront and least pushy way possible, "What happened." Kyle distracted himself with the electronic-ambient music playing in the background. "Nothing," Kyle deflected, "It wasn't." Kyle stumbled. Beverly grabbed her phone out of her pocket and paused her music to try and get Kyle to focus.

Kyle was cought off guard, he felt like the foor disapeared out from under him. He felt angry at Beverly for a breif moment before conciously realizing she was only trying to help. Bevery was kind of caught between a rock and a hard place, she wanted Kyle to say what he was worked up about, but didn't want to interrupt him. Kyle tried to breathe to calm down, Beverly staring at him near emotionless wasn't happening.

"It's Ms. Northington, she..." Kyle was shaking. Beverly instantly knew that Ms. Northington did something bad, but didn't know what. She could not decide between visibly showing Kyle that she knew that Ms. Northington had done something wrong and risk pressuring him, or pretending she didn't know and risk not pressuring him.

"We, um, we dated for some time." Kyle explained. Beverly wanted to ask when. Kyle did not know what to feel, but he was embarrased. "And this is recent." Beverly concluded. Kyle lied just earlier, and could tell that Beverly knew it, she knew everything. Kyle looked almost paniked, Beverly maintained a mostly neutral emotion.

"I know Ms. Northington very well;" Beverly said, "She's a terrible person. She doesn't really care about other people."

"Is that supposed to make me feel better?" Kyle thought. "Thank you." Kyle said.

Kyle reached across the table to grab Beverly's forearm.

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