2020 06 03: Basketball Practice

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I carefully dribbled the basketball a few feet from the 3 point line. My team tried to give me options to pass or handle the ball. I eventually passed it to Jessica, who was the wing on the left side of the court. She dribbled in for a shot, I moved to fill the space she left open.

Jessica made the shot, my team went to defense on the other side of the court while the newly offensive team set up. The game was now 6 to 5, the game was being played to 7 points - both teams could win in a single shot

Daniel was the point guard - he did the same thing as me. The team did not have any center - all five were around the three point line. Daniel passed it to his right - I made an attempt at stealing the ball but the past was too far away and much too fast.

Garrett recived the pass. Jessica was in the wing position on that side - who moved forwards towards Garrett.

Garrett took a shot, but Jessica was able to jump and hit it in the air. Garrett was able to grab the ball at the same time Jessica did. The two fought over the ball untill Jessica was eventually able to securely keep it. I started running to the other side of the court. I put my right hand up and looked back at Jessica. She passed the ball to me. I dribbled twice and made a lay in with Daniel right behind me. He tried to swat the ball down but was a few inches away. My team won, and then set up for offense on the other side of the court.

Every time a game is one a new team replaces the one that is lost - out of twenty players on the whole team - five are on the wining team, five are on the loosing team, and a random five of ten are on the new team.

No coach, no drills, just games and teams chosen by many coin tosses.

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