2019 06 26: Basketball Game

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10 players ran down the court, half trying to stop a shot from being made, the other half trying to make one.

"Hey, Anthony!" Austin half-shouted at me, trying to keep watch of the game. "Do you think we should switch defenses?" He asked.

I continued to watch the game, "Wait sorry, what? I wasn't listening." I said back. The players ran back down the court.

"Do you think we should change our defense?" He reiterated.

I thought about it, "Why?"

"Because they keep shooting down low. Should we switch to like, a 2-3 or something?"

I thought about it, "No."


"They're not shooting from down low because we're not defending it enough, they're doing that because its the easiest place to shoot in a man defense. They'd just shoot 3 pointers if we went to a 2-3, that's the whole reason were not doing that."

"Oh." He said.

The ball went out of bounds, and then quickly back into play.

"How have you been?" Austin asked.

"Fine." I replied, kinda not in any specific way.

"Oh." he said to himself, "How has the computer class been going?" He asked, trying to carry on a conversation.

"Pretty good. We've been doing PHP stuff."


"How has Theater been going?" I asked.

"Good. We're doing try-outs for our yearly play; We're doing The Crucible. Your sister's trying out for Elizabeth."

"I don't know what that is. I'll ask her though."

We continued to watch the game.

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