2019 10 13: Amy

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Marissa sat down at the other side of the table. "Okay, what, the FUCK, do you think you're doing?" She asserted at Amy, who looked up from her phone, and quickly after locked it and set it face-down on the table.

"Drinking coffee, quietly, why do you ask?" Amy tried to regain some dominance - she knew what was coming.

"Well," Marissa was still annoyed, "I ask because in the middle of an orgy last night, I got a call that you broke confidentiality; an-"

"Okay, sorry," Amy cut Marissa off, "Are you always having sex, like all the time?"

"Pretty much, yes." Marissa admitted to try and get things moving. "Anyway, AND-"

"Okay," Amy cut her off again while shaking her hands to signify she wasn't being rude. "Are you okay? You just seem li-"

"Yeah, I'm okay, I just have a bunch of stuff after this." Marissa said.

"Is it se-"

"It is sex, yes."

Amy quietly made a face that showed realization, of some kind.

Marissa stared at Amy for a second.

Realizing that Marissa thought she had more to say, Amy broke the silence: "...and..?"

Marissa acted like her train of speech wasn't interrupted at all, "AND you tracked down Anthony."

"I didn't track him down, he always goes there. Tyler told me."

Marissa wasn't done, "...AND you didn't pay for your drink, which is not okay."

The two women stared at each other for another moment.

"Not to sound rude, but are you done?" Amy asked.

Marissa took that as rude, but then realized what Amy actually said. "No." She neutrally said.

Amy looked at Marissa for yet another, agonizingly awkward moment, "Oh," Marissa started, without having anything to say. "I... actually don't know where to go from here." She admitted

Amy sipped some of her coffee and slowly set it down on the mesh-metal table. Amy opened her mouth to prepare herself for what she was about to say, "Everything I have done is in the best interest of Anthony. Now that he has gotten security footage from the bar - and believe me he has - he now knows that I am a therapist and knows that I was treating Tyler.

"Now he will be thinking about what happened, and that he doesn't really know. And will probably want to speak to me, or someone else, about him."

Marissa stared at her half impressed and half expecting Amy to say more.

Amy continued. "I've never lost a patient. I can't loose another."

"You should have come to me." Marissa stated.

"And what the fuck would you done?" Amy rebutted. A boy at the next table briefly made eye contact with Amy, probably because of the repeated,loud, and excessive swearing. "You've told Anthony to get treatment before. He hasn't done anything."

Amy looked into Marissa's eyes. "Do you even know what happened to Tyler?" Amy rhetorically asked in a compassionate voice, "Because I don't fully know either."

Amy paused to briefly think about her wording. "Tyler last talked to me about his life, and how he felt bad for not appreciating it. He had money, an accepting environment, a purpose, but for some reason just... didn't."

Amy stared off into the distance. "I think that... Tyler had an issue with how people saw him. Because everyone saw him as someone who had everything handed to him, didn't appreciate him; and nobody, including me, saw his issues - except for Anthony."

Both of the women looked deeply into the others' eyes. "And I want to change that. Whatever issue Tyler had, and whatever issues Anthony has, I want to understand them, so eventually society can." Amy stood up, took her wallet out of her purse, and started to get something out of it. "I have one patient." Amy got a $5 out of her wallet and set it under her empty plate, "And you bet your ass I will do anything to help him."

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