2019 07 21: Allan Mincer

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Allan and Mr. Sanchez sat on opposite ends of a very long glass conference table. Light poured in from the window that took up an entire lengthwise wall "My job is to keep you in check." Allan sternly stated.

"No," Mr. Sanchez rebuked, "Your job is to carry out the policies I and other executives make."

"Yes, in effect creating a check on you." Allan clarified, "I still have to follow the moral code."

"But is any of this breaking that code? They are doing all of this on their own free will."

"Because of a situation you put them in."

"But they're still doing everything on their own free will, which invalidates any wrongdoing."

Both the men stopped talking for a second.

Allan looked out the window. "Have you ever stopped to think how beautiful all of this is?" he led.


"We're over 2 kilometers under solid granite, and there's sunlight.

"It's always cloudy, but yeah." Mr. Sanchez admitted.

"Thousands of people working around the clock to keep the most powerful private entity in the world moving. Billions of dollars every day in revenue, billions of lives made better; and none of it because of you."

Allan paused to let that sink in a bit, than continued.

"Almost everything here is because of people before you. I don't know how you got to be CEO, but please, do not fuck it up for the people after you."

Allan paused again.

"Do you know how far down this facility goes?" Allan asked rhetorically, as he looked out the window at all of the European and modern styled buildings "Nobody really knows, I haven't been to the bottom. I am more powerful than you. If you ever, and I mean ever, break ethical code, I am then able to put you so far down that you won't see real or fake sunlight ever again." Allan walked up to the glass door, grabbed the aluminum handle, opened it, and looked back at Mr. Sanchez. "I sincerely hope you don't test me." He said, then left down the hallway.

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