2020 01 11: A Sunny Day

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Tyler looked at the glass Amy had set down just a second before. It was a typical household glass filled with an orange-pink liquid. "What's this?" Tyler asked. Amy finished sitting down. "Orange, strawberry, and lime juice." she said.

Tyler moved the glass slightly closer to him. "Why?" he asked.

"It's a beautiful day," Amy said, motioning to the backyard and surroundings. "I just felt like it."

"Oh." Tyler said, right before indulging.

"So," Amy started, "What's on your mind today?

"Anthony." Tyler said.

"As usual." Amy commented.

Amy paused, "You know what? Let's talk about something else."

"Like what?" Tyler asked.

"School, your work, friends, movies, anything."

Tyler didn't feel like choosing. "Pick something."

"How's school going?" Amy asked.

"Pretty okay, nothing new is happening."

"It's your last semester of high school." Amy pointed out.

"Well, yeah." Tyler said.

"Are you nervous of leaving school?" Amy asked.

"Not really. Why would I be?"

"Most people are scared of leaving friends, and often times home to go to college."

"Well. I already live in my own house, and I don't have many friends." Tyler chuckled.

"You have friends." Amy corrected, "Beverly, and David to name a few."

"I'll still be able to talk to them after graduation." Tyler corrected.

"Yeah but you're sure to see them less."

"I guess."

Tyler drank a generous amount of the juice. "This actually tastes good." Tyler commented.

"Yeah?" Amy said, obviously pointing out how he admitted that he expected to not like it.

Tyler apologized: "Oh, sorry."

"It's fine." Amy said; she played with a pen a little bit.

"So, any new movies you like or anything?"

"Not really." Tyler said.

"Okay." Amy said. This confused Tyler, "I don't think that you're helping." Tyler said blatantly. "Why not?" Amy rebutted.

Tyler drank a bit more of the juice before talking, "I don't feel like I've gotten anywhere after almost a year and a half."

"Oh I know." Amy said. Tyler was confused. He wondered if she was continuing their sessions out of incompetence. "No, that's not possible" he concluded. Tyler then wondered if she just said that out of habit or something.

"Tyler," Amy started, "None of this works if you don't actually talk about what is going on." Tyler was overwhelmed by a feeling that could be most closely described as stunned. "Over the past year and a half, you've said something significant only five times; and yes, I've counted. And before that you seemed more comfortable about yourself. And over the past year and a half I've seen you become more and more scared, and that's the exact opposite of what I want."

Amy paused for a quick second, she clicked her pen on the table twice. "And don't think that I'm just saying all of this off of my mind. I have formulated and practiced and timed this whole argument, including this specific sentence for months now. I'm not incompetent, I'm meticulous."

Amy clicked her pen twice again, "So, tell me honestly: why are you thinking of Anthony?"


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