2020 05 12: 24 Bit

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I clicked the shuffle button, and instantly one of the 385 tracks that were on my Favorites playlist at the time started playing in my ear. This time I got "Wonderland" by CHVRCHES.

I put my phone in my right pocket and put my left arm through my backpack strap so my backpack was fully on me. The singing of the song started

The elevator got to the bottom floor, and promptly opened its doors to the landing zone. I walked out of the elevator, turned left to exit the landing zone, then right and straight out the glass doors, and onto 5th St. I turned left and started walking to school - a nice ten minute walk. I do it whenever I stay at my apartment and the weather permits it.

And then, precisely forty-nine seconds into the song, the chorus started, and for some reason, it hit me like a truck, but in the best way possible.

I suddenly became very, very happy. And it wasn't like there was anything specific to be happy about, this day was like any other.

I was just in a good mood, there is no explanation to it.

Just, in that moment, I loved the music, I loved Lauren Mayberry's voice - all in perfect 24 bit lossless quality; even though it wasn't necessarily my favorite. I loved the weather, same as almost every day; I loved the sunlight; I loved who I was.

Just in that moment.

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